Lazy Nigerian Youths. Are You Truly Lazy?


Lazy Nigerian Youths.

Nigerian youths, are you truly lazy?

You are the largest in population.

You are at your active age.

You are brilliant.

You are skillful.

You are religious.

He may be right for referring to you as lazy youth because:

You are too docile and pensive.

You are not challenging.

You have all it entails to change the ugly direction of Nigeria politics but you did not.

You always transfer the responsibility to God.

You don’t want to take step.

More important, you are faceless group.

You are always timid to show your face to the whole world.

You only show yourselves to vote them and rig them into power.

They often tell you what you want to hear and later use you for what they want.

They promised you employment opportunity and finally employed insignificant number of you only for too years.

Still, you celebrated it.

You failed to tell them what you want.

You are contented with man- made unemployment.

You are contented with manipulated level of insecurity.

You are contented with poverty level.

You always celebrate corrupt politicians.

Nigerian youth, when are you going to wake up from your slumber?

When are you going to stop running away from your shadow?

When are you going to take the bull by the horns?

When are you going to speak with one voice?

When are you going to make age a relevant factor in the direction of things?

When are you going to tell them you are the future of Nigeria?

Where is the association of unemployed graduate of Nigeria?

They are asking all of you to go and learn a trade.

They failed to provide enabling environment to make you succeed.

They are not even ready to patronize you.

They are killing zeal for INTELLECTUALITY.

They are drawing the clock of sound education backward.

They don’t want to train challenging minds.

Nigerian youth, rise up.

Don’t delay what you can do today till tomorrow less the benefit of it may pass you over.

God will make you to see the reasons why you need to make an urgent and important steps.

©️Dr. Sanni K.T

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