Kendrick Lamar Is Set To Guest Star On An Upcoming Episode Of “Power”

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Kendrick Lamar Is Set To Guest Star On An Upcoming Episode Of “Power”

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Kendrick Lamar is making his way on to the set of the series, Power, and it was revealed that he actually needed a connection to make it work. According to reports, the showrunner, Courtney Kemp, and 50 Cent wanted Lamar to come on to the show.

When speaking with TV Critics on Sunday, after Courtney discovered the rapper was more than willing to play a small part, the Power creator said she had to ask Lamar what character he wanted to be.

However, unfortunately for fans, Kemp didn’t reveal details on the rapper’s character, for fear of spoiling the next season.

Kemp explained that the rapper was “fearless” in the way that he conducted himself thus far. The network, Starz, said Kendrick did a great job in what was described as his first appearence on television.

As you may or may not know, Power is a series that centers on the title character, Omari Hardwick, a man who is trying to become a legitimate businessman after building his fortune with drugs.

Reportedly, it’s the second highest rated television show on the network – according to 50 Cent – so it’s a shame that it doesn’t get as much credit from network executives. At one point, one of the main actors, 50 Cent, asked for fans on social media to boycott the network.

50 Cent, on Instagram, stated that the show was the second highest rated series on Starz, one step below HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The former rapper insinuated that it may have something to do with the subject matter.

And during a recent speech, Kemp said that everyone in the room, including its stars, cast, and crew, all had “swagger,” and she was proud to have her show representing black America. Thus far, the series has received critical acclaim, mostly due to its acting, writing, pacing, and atmosphere

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