Omarosa Says Donald Trump’s Mental Health Is ‘In Decline’ In Tell-All


Omarosa Says Donald Trump’s Mental Health Is ‘In Decline’ In Tell-All


As you probably know already Omarosa used to work at the White House, and so she claims to know a lot of insider details about the president, Donald Trump. In her brand new tell-all book, the woman is writing that the Donald’s mind is not the most stable. In fact, she thinks it’s rapidly declining.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman and the current president of the United States have known one another for many years.

She has not only worked for him after winning the 2016 presidential elections, but Omarosa also appeared on his reality show, The Apprentice no less than three times!

In December of last year, Omarosa was fired from her communications director for the Office of Public Liaison position.

As a result, she started writing a book titled Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, supposedly exposing Donald Trump. has obtained an exclusive excerpt in which the woman claims Trump’s mental state has been going down ever since he was elected.

‘While watching the interview [with NBC’s Lester Holt in May of 2017], I realized something serious was going on in Donald’s brain. His mental decline couldn’t be denied. Many did not notice it as keenly as I did because I knew him way back when. They thought Trump was being Trump, off the cuff.

‘For the Lester Holt interview, I watched it on a small TV in the upper press room (the lower press room was built on top of the old swimming pool and turned into the briefing room) by the press secretary’s office. Throughout that erratic and contradictory interview, I kept thinking, ‘Oh no! Oh no! This is bad!’ Donald rambled. He just spoke gibberish. He contradicted himself from one sentence to the next,’ Omarosa pens.

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