Dr. Sanni K.T “Tribute To Oba Franscis Adedoyin Ogunsua Of Modakeke”


Too Young To Fly Away.

Oba Franscis Adedoyin with Alafin oyo and Ooni of Ife.

Can you think of that tireless bird that has just flew away but to the land of no return?

It is true people say that we all come from a hole and one day we are going to end up in a hole.

Death! Death!! Death!!!

Is it not too early for looking for a photo to use for the obituary of this type of brave and visionary king?

Why have you decided to throw the entire MODAKEKE kingdom to these moments that are not entirely happy or entirely sad?

Moments with a combination of both emotions that can never be fully defined.

Death, is it not too sad for you to have taken him away from us at this crucial time?

A time when the entire MODAKEKE kingdom is enjoying the goodies of his peaceful reign.

Death, you should have allowed the peace loving king – oba Francis Olatunji Adedoyin the Ogunshua of MODAKEKE to continue with his uncommon and unconditional enviable work.

Ka ni iku gbowo ni, MODAKEKE nile, loko leyin odi iba fun fun lowo.

Ka ni iku gbe tutu, gbogbo ilu iba pogbon po pamo po se tutu aiku fakinkanju iba.

Ka ni iku gbebo ni, Ko ni nira fun MODAKEKE lati merin lakatabu laye wolu ki won fi gbebo aiku feni toba MI yan.

Eyin oloori te ti bomi ogbon mu lodo baba, mo ba yin dupe.

Eyin otokulu ilu, te ti bomi itan mu lodo pitanpitan to danto ti ki figba kan bo kan nnu, e ku orire.

Mo si tun ki eyin oloori te n gako orun soba tolorun mi da wipe e ku ailarojinle.

Okere kuku ti gori iroko, oju ode ti da.

Iro yin pin a bi o pin?

Erin lakatabu kuku ti lo.

Death, I say it is sad for you to have taken away a king that is characterized by high sense of peace, unity, love, hard work, integrity, bravery, accountability, delegation, confidence, commitment, passion, creativity, empathy, honestly and honour.

A king that allowed to be driven by the fear of God.

In the other hand, Death, it is good to have taken him away because:

You are inevitable.

You cannot be bought.

You are not negotiable.

You cannot be compromised.

Good because:

Everybody will die but not everybody will leave his footprints in the mind of man.

Not everybody will become a king in his life time.

Not everybody will be an achiever.

Not everybody will be a conqueror.

Not everybody will be a winner.

Not everybody will be a success.

Not everybody will be a peace and unity loving one.

Not everybody will be a source of joy to the happiness of others.

Congratulations!!! Oba Francis Olatunji Adedoyin the Ogunshua of MODAKEKE.

You were a king chosen by God but not by Satan.

You were an achiever

You were a conqueror.

You were a winner.

You were a success.

You were a source of joy to the happiness of the entire MODAKEKE.

You left the stage when the ovation was loudest.

All sons and daughters of MODAKEKE, home and abroad will continue to remember you for not leaving the city the way you met it.

Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!! BABA RERE.

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