Birthday Shout-out. Olamide Barbra Aro Is 10.

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Olamide Barbra Aro Is 10.

Olamide Barbra Aro

Today 7th of january 2019 marks the 10th birthday anniversary of Olamide Barbra Aro.

She is a cool headed and easy going kid, a melancholic and a quite exciting kid. At age 10 she is a JHS 1 student which quite proves her to be intelligent.

She is a fun loving kid and a very hardworking little girl no or little wonder her grandmother (Mrs. Y.F Sanni) has taken to our website to celebrate her on her great day.

Mrs. Y.F Sanni

Her mother in person of Toosin Sanni also express her profound joy for the great privilege bestowed to her by God to have mothered such an intelligent damsel.

Toosin Sanni

Happy womb escape to you. Olamide Barbra Aro. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

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