Poem By Opeyemi Sanni “New Year Resolution.”

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New Year Resolution

With full alacrity i prepared for the eve of the new year. Resolutions as bountiful as sand i prepared for the eve of the new year. My pinna has rose in size like the skin of cow soaked in hot water for ages just to hear the lies crafted in lexis. At the dot of 12, the lie was divulged and it encompassed the atmosphere with a resounding echo. Happy new year is the biggest of lies i have heard in years. How can the year be happy when the essence of love and the value of time has been severely underrated. How can the year be happy when the only justification for a happy year is the cumulative total of wealth that has been gathered and not the total value of faces that have smiled because of the love we have shown. What right have you to wish me a happy new year when joy is the stream flowing in your life and sorrow is the valley that i bath. Enough i said to the lies i was told and i aimlessly believed. Enough I said to the life that i lived gathering wealth caring less about the happiness of my neighbors. For this year and years to come, my resolutions has changed. The essence of love and the value of time must be appreciated. My year will only be happy if my deeds have contributed to the joy of the world. My year will only be sweet if my sweat has brought sweetness to the life of my neighbors. Hurry i am to gather luxury but little did i know that death is inevitable. Ta-ta i will bid to the world at a time and all the luxury i have gathered will no longer be mine but all the lives i have impacted positively will have my name on their lips and on the lips of their generation for life. I will wait not until i am able to fly, if flying is uncompromiseable, i will run, if running turns a hard nut to crack, i will walk, if walking will make me wander, i will crawl. Irrespective of my condition somebody must smile because i have given them a reason to smile. Until then no more happy new year. Make someone happy today and happiness shall locate your abode. Love is the answer and time is the factor. Utilize the factor to implement the answer and the year shall forever be happy.

Happy New Year.

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