Kitan Bukola Is A Year Older.

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Bukola Olaoluwakitan Adds Up A Year.

It was just like yesterday when an announcement was made about the birth of a princess, years after years, the princess has beautifully grown into a queen. Not just a queen but a classy queen in her classy world, her elegant body and attention hijacking look is so superfluous that eyes can’t see and overlook.

Every day is a special day but a day with a one and eight in the 3rd month of every glorious year sings the glory of a flawless beautiful queen, a queen with the smile that induces the sun to rise, a queen with the voice that melts the fury of the most furious, shining she is like flora of fruits in autumn, a kindwitch bewitching humanity with kindness, a pumpkin pie , a cutie patootie, a generous queen with a golden snout, we celebrate you today gloriously like a glorious queen that you are. If your wishes are as bountiful as the sands of the ocean, we wish that all your wishes that you wishfully wished for shall be fulfilled today and forever more. Wishing you the best birthday ever in wealth, good health and peace of mind. Age gracefully Bukola Olaoluwakitan, wishing you long life and prosperity.

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