8 Make up Tips That Make A Lady Looks Younger And Prettier.

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8 Make up Tips That Make A Lady Looks Younger And Prettier. 

We all know that a positive mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle can help us look and feel younger. But there are also plenty of makeup tips that can assist with this process. Check out and try these basic tips.



1. Avoid glitter

Glitter is best reserved for really young makeup wearers. It will be painfully obvious that you are trying too hard to appear younger if you are wearing glitter and you are over 30. Try a shimmery, softly pigmented cream or powder shadow instead.


Light reflecting make up

2. Use this light-reflecting makeup

Light-reflecting liquid foundations add a dewy sheen and create a flawless canvas for your entire look. You can set a liquid foundation by dusting a light layer of loose powder on top to finish off your face.


Curled eye lashes

3. Curl those eyelashes

Curling lashes gives you big bright eyes, which is another sign of youth and vitality. Get the curler as close to the lash line as possible and curl for 15 seconds.


White eyeliner

4. White eyeliner

A white eyeliner on the lower waterline can further wake up your eyes. Pair a white eyeliner with perfectly curled lashes for wonder-filled eyes that give off a youthful vivacity.


Thick and bushy brow

5. Get thick and bushy brows

A thick, bushy, yet groomed brow gives you a fresh, young face. If your brows are naturally thinning from age, fill them in with a powder or other product to tame, shape and thicken.


Moisturizing the face

6. Moisturize strategically

Slathering your skin with a moisturizer before applying makeup makes your skin look natural. Also, make sure to choose cosmetic products with moisture-rich formulas.


Facial blush

7. Use blush

A sweep of bright blush on your cheeks lights up your face. A well-buffed and blended powder blush mimics the flush of a first kiss.


Lip liner

8. Don’t skip the lip liner

Make sure to line your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick because the liner gives your lips a fuller, more defined shape and becomes the basis to which your lipstick will adhere. Choose a creamy formula that’s the same shade as your lipstick.

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