A Confessional Letter To My One And Only.


A Confessional Letter To My One And Only.

The moment since you smiled, I knew, I was in love. There has not been a single day that has passed by when I have not thought or remembered you. You were my past, you are my present, and you will be my future.

From the deepest core of my heart, I love you but there are times when I seriously want to hurt you for not acknowledging me or being away. No, I do not mean that my love for you is over, it can never be. I fight with you because I love you.

My Dearest, I do not know how to pen down my thoughts, so I am scribbling them in a random manner. In a hope that you would understand why I hate you yet love you.

“And then, I wanted to kill you…

For being bad to me.

For saying nasty things even when it was not my fault.

For keeping me waiting for hours in cafe

For forgetting my tastes, likes, and dislikes.

For quarrelling with me for no reason.

For choosing others over me.

To abandon me and go for outing with your friends.

For the sleepless nights you gave me when I was away and your forgot to call me.

For not replying when I wanted an answer.

Trust me, there are numerous reasons, for which, I wanted to kill you,

Because you made feel unworthy, rejected, unloved, and alone.


There are zillion reasons, for which I love you,

When you kiss me while I sleep.

When you love me unconditionally and with my flaws.

When you gift me my favorite book and make a cup of coffee.

When you listen to all my madness with a smile on your face.

When you secretly present surprises to me, without letting anyone know,

When you say ‘I love you’ in different ways.

When you cry watching me in pain.

When you do all humanly possible things to make me feel better on my ‘down’ days.

When our souls meet, it changes my life forever.

When you react in the funniest, sarcastic way to make me laugh.

When you wait tirelessly on my shopping spree.

When you let me be ‘me.’

When you make an effort to be friends with everyone, I know,

When you treat my family in the same way as I treat yours.

When you make feel special and the only alive girl on the planet.

When you cook or bake my favorite dishes.

When you are with ‘me!'”

No matter how mad or angry I am on you, my reasons to love you will always win over the reasons wanting to kill you. Because love comes in forms!

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