Bofanites Say Thank You; Catalia Olabisi.


Appreciating you less is a punishable offence. You are a rare gem and your kind is hard to find. The beauty in your heart is more than the one in your eyes, that automatically makes us nicknamed you queen of beauties. Miss Olabisi Catalia, we have seen friends letting friends down, we have seen friends envy friends but you have chosen not to be a fair weather friend to our one and only diadem of diamond; Bukunmi Oluwasina. Your loyalty is unmatchable, your love is unquantifiable and we love you endlessly for loving our love.

All bofanites appreciate you today and forever and we couldn’t say thank you enough for the part you played in making our birthday plan for Bukunmi Oluwasina a success. We pray that God Almighty in his infinite mercy single you out for blessings unspeakable, joy unquantifiable and above all success in all your endeavors.

Thank you Miss Catalia Olabisi.

15 thoughts on “Bofanites Say Thank You; Catalia Olabisi.

  1. Thank you very much sister,for always being there for our momma and being true and loyal to her thank you

  2. Thank you do much for being their for bof will really appreciate your efforts may god bless you you never get tried of us almighty God will never get tried of you more blessing to you more grace more health more wealth IJN God will answer all your secret prayer God will not forget you IJN I love you so much loving you less issa crime olabisi mi my small momma from bof

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