British Airway Arouse Opera Singer Anger As They Denied Her Ticket Cancelation Refund.

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Signe Spang Colding Slams British Airways for ‘refusing to refund New York flight she cancelled when her father died because his death certificate was not in ENGLISH’

A Danish opera singer claims British Airways has refused her a refund after she was forced to cancel a flight in order to attend her father’s funeral – because the death certificate was not in English.

Signe Spang Colding had bought return tickets from Copenhagen to New York City, and claims she had added a full cancellation insurance for the six-day trip with British Airways.

Her father’s unexpected death at the end of May saw her having to cancel the New York trip in June, but she claims British Airways has yet to refund her.

As part of her insurance claim, she had to send British Airways her father’s death certificate, but the airline reportedly refused to accept the document as proof, as it was in Danish.

Ms Spang Colding has slammed British Airways, writing a Facebook post urging others to ‘never fly’ with the company.

She wrote: ‘At the end of May, this year, my dad, unexpectedly, became very ill and died. He was buried on June 4.

‘I was supposed to fly from Copenhagen to New York on the June 3 and back on the June 9 and I had bought full cancellation insurance for this trip.

‘Of course, I had to cancel it and I canceled in time. I sent all the documents they asked for during this terrible time.

‘Now they finally contacted me and told me that they won’t refund my ticket, since the death certificate is not in English.

‘I am Danish and in Denmark we get the death certificates in Danish. Have they heard about google translate? [sic]

‘I have tried and tried, but I can’t get a death certificate in English I’m pretty sure British Airways knows that already, and just want me to give up my refund.

‘It is easy to harass people in grief. Shame on you BA. I refuse to give up. I simply can’t afford to give up.’

A six-day economy return trip this month, leaving Copenhagen and returning from New York on the same days of the week, could cost up to £1,349 return.

British Airways said today they would be investigating Ms Spang Colding’s complaint.

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