Cardi B Heartbroken Amid Rumors Fans Called Child Protective Services On Her

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Cardi B Heartbroken Amid Rumors Fans Called Child Protective Services On Her

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It all started when the female emcee was dissed by a social media user, and she fired back, threatening to ‘drop’ her baby girl and fight them! But rumor has it that it escalated, and Child Protective Services were called on her! That being said, reportedly, Cardi B is completely torn up by it.

It looks like fans freaked out because of her comment and things might have gotten a little out of control.

Some users supposedly went ahead and called Child Protective Services on the new mother.

Now, one insider is telling HollywoodLife that the Bodak Yellow star was really affected and even cried because of the rumors.

‘Cardi hasn’t been contacted by CPS, and she isn’t expecting to hear from them either. But this has still shaken her to the core. Just the idea of authorities coming to do a check on her is scary.’

‘She cannot even imagine how horrific it’d be to have her daughter taken away from her. Cardi‘s emotions are still raw so even though this is nothing but an awful rumor it made her cry,’ the source added.

Cardi never imagined thighs would escalate like that especially because she obviously did not mean what she said.

‘Cardi gets frustrated and annoyed with online trolls and bullies who cannot take a joke. She feels like people are out to get her, they are trying to hurt her and her daughter, and it has made her wonder if she ever wants to show the world her baby girl. She feels like she needs to hide and protect her from all the evil people trying to tear her happiness down.’

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