Charlize Theron keeps her cool in sporty tank as she treats herself to pamper session at nail salon

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Charlize Theron keeps her cool in sporty tank as she treats herself to pamper session at nail salon

She is a hardworking actress who has recently returned from a trip abroad on behalf of her namesake outreach program.

And on Friday Charlize Theron enjoyed some time to herself, relaxing in Hollywood over a pamper session at a nail salon.

Treating herself to a fresh new coat of nail polish, the actress, 42, looked casual cool in black leggings and a matching tank as she spent a day out of the spotlight.

Charlize wore a pair of white tint sunglasses and styled her cropped blonde hair down, a style which framed her naturally radiant and transfixing features.

She had a long purse slung over her shoulder, and strode ahead in a snazzy pair of black sandals decorated with gold studs.

Charlize is back in the United States after a busy trip abroad, where she traveled from Amsterdam to South Africa.

On Wednesday, the Oscar-winner took to Instagram to post about a recent trip back to her home continent of Africa.

It seems the Hollywood star returned to oversee her charity called the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project or CTAOP, which supports community-based HIV programmes and has partnered with other leading organisations fighting the pandemic.

‘Spent an amazing week in South Africa and Rwanda with @ctaop, seeing the incredible work our program partners are doing on the ground there. We laughed, we cried, we danced, and I’m even more excited now about the future these young people are bringing to Africa!’ she captioned the images.

Late last month, Charlize attended and gave a speech at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on behalf of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, South Africa.

In May, Charlize was presented with the Swarovski Crystal of Hope award after her years of service for the HIV/AIDs campaign.

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