Emma Stone insisted on baring her breasts in The Favourite

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Emma Stone insisted on baring her breasts in The Favourite

Emma Stone had to persuade director Yorgos Lanthimos to let her go topless in her new movie The Favourite.


The actress decided to bear her breasts for the first time in a movie when she realised a love scene with Olivia Colman required her character to be naked – to make co-star Rachel Weisz’s Lady Sarah jealous.


“I had the sheet up around me, and as we were shooting it and we did a few takes, I said, ‘Can I please just be (naked)?'” the Oscar winner tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it’s going to give Sarah something to look at when she sees that I’m not just under the sheet covered up.


“Olivia was like, ‘No, don’t do it!’ Yorgos was like, ‘Are you sure that’s what you want to do?’ and I was like, ‘Absolutely!’ I chose to do it. I was like, ‘This makes sense to me. It’s an absolute (middle finger) to Sarah.”


In the film Stone plays a maid, who fights Lady Sarah for the affections of Queen Anne, played by Colman.


The La La Land star’s breast flash in the film isn’t the only controversial moment – the characters played by herself and Weisz are liberal with the C-word.


“I’ve been around Brits long enough, the shock has worn off,” Emma tells The Hollywood Reporter, “but hearing the word ‘c**t’ a bunch, I was like, ‘Oh my God!” It’s the most offensive word.”


Weisz adds, “In England, we say it all the time. If I’m with another Brit, we’ll say, ‘So and so is being such a c**t’, and laugh. It’s an old English word. Shakespeare used it. Or maybe Chaucer.”


“You can hear their (Americans’) sphincter tighten when that word is uttered,” Colman laughs. “But, as a woman, I’ve got one, so I’m allowed to say it. And it’s such a wonderful combination of consonants. It’s a fantastic word. I’m told in America not to use it, but that just makes me want to say it all the time.”

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