Kylie Jenner Is Not Happy With Caitlyn Jenner’s New 22-Year-Old Girlfriend

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Kylie Jenner Is Not Happy With Caitlyn Jenner’s New 22-Year-Old Girlfriend

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner recently came out of the woodwork with her new 22-year-old girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins – also a transgender woman. Even though Caitlyn seems to be all about her new woman, Kylie Jenner is one person who is supposedly not pleased.

In a report from Radar Online, journalists allege that Kylie is sick of hearing about her father, Caitlyn, talk about her new relationship with Sophia, who is just two years older than Kylie.

The website claims that the romance is really bothering her, for a number of different reasons. An insider who spoke with the publication claims that Caitlyn asked Sophia to work for her on her new cosmetic lines.

And that was the final draw; Kylie had had enough at that point. The source alleges that Kylie believes the young trans-woman is only out for the money. Additionally, she think Sophia is too young and inexperienced to work for her in Kylie Cosmetics.

Caitlyn then stated that Sophia is “the most honest, open, and understanding woman” she’s ever been with, which Kylie understood as a jab at Kris Jenner.

Moreover, the publication alleges that Caitlyn has been spending a lot of money on Sophia every week just to keep her up to date with the latest fashion trends. An insider added that it was costing her “at least $50,000 each week” but Caitlyn doesn’t mind the bills.

With that said, another source close to the Kardashian family had the opposite story to tell: “there’s really nothing going on between Kylie and Caitlyn at the moment, and Kylie is pleased that her father has someone new in her life.”

“Kylie couldn’t care less if Caitlyn is dating a younger woman. It’s not a big deal, and she has more important things to do, like worry about her company, as well as her daughter.”

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