Meghan Markle Chooses Harry And Her Royal Duties Over Her Father – Forced To Cut All Ties With Him!

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Meghan Markle Chooses Harry And Her Royal Duties Over Her Father – Forced To Cut All Ties With Him!

meghan markle and dad

It looks like the relationship between Meghan Markle and her father Thomas has no chance of getting better anytime soon. Apparently, she no longer trusts him after his excessive chatting with the press about her and the Royal family.

One insider at the palace told HollywoodLife that at this point the Duchess has no choice but to snub her dad completely.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she is not saddened by the fact that she no longer can completely trust him.

Thomas Markle is just too unpredictable and the blue-blooded family is constantly in fear of what he might blab next.

Meghan really wishes he could be in her life, but her marriage to Harry as well as her royal duties are more important right now.

The source explained that ‘She wishes she could confide in him because she misses having his love and support. The situation with her dad’s disappointing to Meghan. She had no idea that joining the Royal family would make her own family suffer. But her loyalty and allegiance are now to Harry, her husband, the Royal family and making her new life with them work.’

However, the insider told the outlet that she is not against making peace sometime in the future because she really misses him.

Meghan is supposedly desperate to fix everything between them but for the time being, she has no choice but to keep the distance.

Meanwhile, Thomas has been haunted by the fact that he missed his daughter’s wedding day to some health problems.

It made him feel ‘sick’ that he skipped one of the biggest, most anticipated events in years!

And now that he’s being snubbed by her and the rest of the royals, Thomas is desperate to reconnect and the only way he knows how is by giving more and more interviews.

Naturally, that is a vicious circle because it’s exactly why he’s being excluded!

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