Mila Kunis Says She Doesn’t Want To Act Opposite Husband Ashton Kutcher; Says ‘It’s Weird

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Mila Kunis Says She Doesn’t Want To Act Opposite Husband Ashton Kutcher; Says ‘It’s Weird’

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

Despite many Hollywood couples working opposite each other on the big screen, actress Mila Kunis doesn’t see that happening in the near future with her and husband Ashton Kutcher. This is despite the fact that the couple met on the set of the hit television show That 70’s Show when Kunis was just 14 years old.

Kunis, who has been married to Kutcher for three years, feels that she isn’t interested in sharing the screen with her husband.

Kunis says that she can’t look at him and not notice his changes in behavior or mannerisms.

“In a scene with him, I was like ‘Oh I see you acting’. Like I can catch it… and he looked at me and was like ‘What’s that face you make?”

So it seems the pair have too much trouble not seeing their spouse when they are working together for it to be a legitimate possibility.

The couple has two kids, Wyatt and Dimitri.

Their love story is pretty impeccable and heartfelt, considering they were both in long term relationships (Kutcher in a marriage), almost 20 years after they had met on set when they were just teenagers.

Kunis also recently admitted that the couple was not always very seriously involved.

In fact, they did similar films about the concept of hooking up without being exclusive.

Hers is called Friends With Benefits which costars Justin Timberlake while his is called No Strings Attached which costars Natalie Portman.

They ended up living out the themes of those films.

So it seems that life really does imitate art. At least when it comes to two people who enjoy and trust each other who simply are trying to have a bit of adult fun.

Interestingly enough, they didn’t take those films as indications of what would happen in their situation

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