Nice Guys Aren’t Always Good Men. Fact That Is Had To Believe. 


Nice Guys Aren’t Always Good Men. Fact That Is Had To Believe. 

A nice guy is the one you’d meet an instantly find them to be charming. He would be the following the concept of white lies, lies you tell people only not break their heart. Hence they would wrap the lie in a beautiful wrapping paper and present it to you. On the other hand, a good man will tell you how it is – because his integrity will be in question within his own conscience.

A nice guy does what he does for something in return – he wouldn’t say he wants something in return – but he really does. While a good man will take a woman out to know more about her and if there really is something in return, its just a bonus.

A nice guy worries about his reputation among his friends, peers and social circle while the good man is only concerned about his character.

It is also really important for the nice guy to be validated and accepted while a good man is self-validated and doesn’t need anyone’s acceptance.

A nice guy would run you in circles with unclear intentions while the good man would not keep any ambiguity between you and the him.

A nice guy has no boundaries, only to seem nice. A good man has clear boundaries and that is what allows them to earn the trust of those around him.

A nice guy will make everything about the woman he is currently interested in while the good man will give appropriate attention because he is not running out of time.

A nice guy will blame everyone around him for his fate and circumstances while a good man will remain accountable for his actions and stay responsible for them.

A nice guy will make promises to things he internally know he cannot achieve while a good man will make the promises he knows he can keep.

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