Opeyemi Sanni. “A Girl In My Dream” Poem.


A Girl In My Dream.

Lost I was in dream land. Heading for somewhere but getting no where. Reaching for something but nothing is all I get.

Tiredness sang me a song, and I danced and danced and danced. Fatigue encompassed me and gently I followed my buttocks to the ground.

Sleep painted me blue and gone I was. I had a dream in my dream and the dream in my dream brought to me a girl of my dream.

A girl with the heart of gold, A girl more beautiful than beauty, goddess of love and beauty. Her scent was brewed in paradise.

The look in her eyes bewitched many and held in Ransome the heart of men. The words from her mouth trembles my volcanic impulse and erupts beating from my heart like a molten magma.

She is a gem with magnitude of character and charm. Dignity is her best friend and arrogance her greatest foe.

I reached for her and she concurred. Heaven rained luck on me and an angel I have for a love. Her soft cheering savor cause a jingle in my heart and my heart gallops in ecstasy.

She magically made me magical with her magical attributes. She is a friend of all and enemy of none.

My rose of flowers, my peacock of birds, my diadem of diamonds, my epitome of love. Illusion of love illuminating my life with affections.

The stung of an ant restored my consciousness, frantically I searched for my love, just then I realized she was just a girl in my dream.


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