Opeyemi Sanni. “Beautiful Beast” Poem.


Beautiful Beast.

Shinning she is like floras of fruit in autumn. Beauty is her real name. On her snout is the dimple that can swallow a spoonful of honey. Within her teeth is a gap wide enough to elope to paradise.

The smile from her golden face induces the sun to rise. Her beauty is second to none. Beautifully created by the creator of all creatures into a beautiful physique with all beauty techniques which render her unique among all creations of her gender.

A perfect example of perfection. Beauty radiates over her and glittering she is like a diamond. Her emergence brought sunshine on a cloudy day. And her voice suites the soul like the effect of the moon on a starry night.

The sweet fragrance emanating from her smooth, well rounded body is the air every nostril want to breath in. And the sweet glances from her eyes, so mysterious and deep makes the heart to jump.

She has got the beauty that every able man want to serenade at moonlight. Her beauty glows and illuminates the world just like the sun. The words she spake quenches the rage of the thunder storm and induces the cloud to wet the earth with dews.

But alas and alack, the beauty as stupendous as it is renders her so horrible and terrible. Beauty exchanged the content of her brain with dust and full of herself she is.

She damned self respect and exchanged her beautiful body for money. Slaying is her hobby and prostitution is her job. What a beast of a beauty.

Half naked she walks about claiming modern woman. Her beautiful body became a paper for writing and a sheet for sketching, she called it tattoo, I nomenclated it madness of the highest order.

She has gone haywire and her reasonability has been caged by her beauty. Beautiful she is in look but a beast she is in heart. Rich she is in beauty but shallow she is in thinking.

She jumped from bed to bed, exchanging her body for money. Shortly her body became invaded with a deadly disease and just then she became a beast. What a beast of a beauty.

Time she hopes she could rewind and live her life over again but late it is for her. A beautiful beast she becomes.

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