Phaedra Parks Announces New Show — Apollo Nida’s Ex-Wife Will Be Working With Traci Braxton

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Phaedra Parks Announces New Show — Apollo Nida’s Ex-Wife Will Be Working With Traci Braxton

Bag secured! Phaedra Parks has confirmed that she is hard at work on a new TV show and fans have a lot to say.

The attorney and former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a few pictures where she is hanging out with her future co-stars.

Phaedra will be working with Natalie Nunn, Traci Braxton, and funny lady Luenell. It is not known if it will be a reality show or talk show a la The Real or The View.

One fan reacted to the news by saying: “So am I, don’t know what exactly this show is about but due to the cast I bet it’s something crazy I know right her name is Luenell she’s a comedian a hilarious lady as a matter of fact but I will not watch this show, and Traci will beat the s*** out of Fakera. They can enjoy Natalie to themselves.. we good Luv.”

Another commenter wrote: “Outcast!!!! But why is @luenell on it folks genuinely love her… Well, maybe not other comedians she is raw asf. If it’s a talk show, it’s going to be good because all of them are very different… I highly doubt it’s a reality show because they are all getting along and some of them don’t even live in CA. Good for them I hope it does well. Haters get the f%ck off Phaedra, Traci, and Lunell they the real ones and this sh%t is about to be lit.”

A critic claimed: “When you’re desperate to be on a reality show, so you join as a team with other girls no one cares for on reality television. Not only will I pass, but if it actually does come on, I will call my cable network and ask them to cut that station off. I wouldn’t even want to stumble across it. I’d rather watch FOX news, and that’s saying a lot in itself. Girls bye. Tamar, you’re not Toni. Natalie if McDonald’s ever brings back the old 90’s commercial of the moon guy, girl you’re hired… And Fakedra no one cares for you especially after you were exposed on the real housewives for being a straight bull shit, bulldog face liar. And to the fourth woman don’t do it I’m not sure what career you have or had, but this isn’t a good look for you.”

Apollo Nida’s former wife is a real progressive Democrat who speaks her mind about Donald Trump, social injustices such as police brutality and immigration and will, therefore, bring something interesting to the table if it is a talk show.

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