Poem. Unthinking man by Opeyemi Sanni.

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Marveled I was when I pictured the image of how smart humans claimed to be. It never occurred to me that an ant as small as it is is more reasonable than a human carrying cranial capacity of 1450 cubic centimeters.

In solidarity the ants live their lives. The location of food for a thousand ants is sighted by one and willingly it summoned the rest to come and have their share. What a real image of super duper harmonization. The virtual image of this super duper harmonization is what I pictured in human. The food for thousand humans is consumed solely by one. What a greedy nature. Humans care about their own very bowel, others may die of hunger, they really done care.A father bought a bread long enough to feed five, he entered his closet and feed on the bread alone forgetting his own children he brought to the world himself. What a greedy nature.

I think, I ponder, wonder and wander and lost in thought I was. An unthinking tree planted by a thinking man thinks more than the thinking man. In style the tree grows and forms a canopy, providing shade for many and even the thinking man. But a man erected a building and arrogant became his second name. He walks about majestically with his brain under his feet and dust in his skull, what an atabula rasa. Full of himself he is and humility became his enemy. He care less if a fellow man has a home, even the little shelter owned by an homeless man, he still wants to buy, bulldoze and erect a mansion.

My fury rose to climax when I realized animals are the purest in spirit. Hypocrisy is not the way of a dog. It neither fakes nor hides its feelings. The most loyal creature on earth. Humans domesticate dogs yet not a lesson they learnt from them. Wives I have seen deserting their husband in the name of material things, you dog is always your dog be it you are rich or poor. Loyalty at its peak. Husbands I have seen breaking their marital oaths because their wife depreciated in beauty, but your dog is your dog whether you are pretty or ugly. Loyalty at its peak. A dog care less be it you leave in luxury or penury. Give your dog your heart and it gives you its life in return. Give a man your heart and get a dagger in it. Give your dog your eyes and get it protected till the cow comes home, give a man your eyes and get blind the next moment.

The heart of man is dusky, deceit is what it houses. A great pity it is the way we live our lives. Smart we think we are but an ant, a tree and a dog all are smatter than us. Let us learn from them, then humility, fidelity and loyalty will be our way of life.


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