Porsha Williams Tells Dennis McKinley ‘Dinner Is Served’ With Sexy Photo

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Porsha Williams Tells Dennis McKinley ‘Dinner Is Served’ With Sexy Photo

Porsha Williams Dinner TablePorsha Williams

An appetizer is what Porsha Williams has decided to be while lounging on a dinner table with a huge bouquet of flowers behind her.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared her sexiest photo yet, but the caption is what captivated her fans.

The TV star is wearing a green outfit composed of a bustier and long pants.

Dennis McKinley’s lady has one finger on her lips, and she is gazing at the camera. Porsha wrote: “Dinner is served.”

In the previous post, Porsha explained that her new boyfriend, Dennis, was the one who sent her the large bouquet of flowers behind her.

Fans came up with a long list of food-related jokes.

One person said: “Five-course meal. The appetizer meal and desert… Also late night snack. Daaaam PORSHA!! LOOKING GOOD GIRL!! I’m so happy she finally has her “love”! She deserves this kinda love so much! They’re a perfect match! Can I have a plate of that? Hell, I can’t put my damn elbows on the table at 31 without getting hit in my sh-t. The momma saying “if you don’t get off my damn table”.. I love this tho.I’m bout eat u alive baby c’ mere. Thought you was about to do the zoom challenge looking fine af. Hey! now sure you Right always take good photos.”

Another funny comment read: “LoL.. my bad bro couldn’t help myself. I’m always ready for a good meal!!! Brefassss lunch and dinner. If it’s any leftovers, I’ll take that too. Wow, that bouquet is beautiful. Be kool Porsha wait for marriage just saying I know you want a baby soon.”

This follower had this to share: “Are you still a vegan?? Cause you think Momma. The main course looks delicious!!!s is i thought this was the table you were taking back on the show after you had that dinner party? Well, it’s gotta be healthy bc it’s wrapped in green!!!! Tell him he can’t leave the table until he cleans his plate. I could hear my momma say… If you don’t get to your narrow tail off my damn table!!! Lovely capture!”

Porsha is really confident right now.

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