Tamar Braxton Gets ‘Ridiculed By A Pilot For Flying While Black On Delta,’ According To Video Posted By Her Sister Towanda

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Tamar Braxton Gets ‘Ridiculed By A Pilot For Flying While Black On Delta,’ According To Video Posted By Her Sister Towanda

Tamar Braxton Delta Pilot FightTamara Braxton

A pilot ridiculed Tamar Braxton while on a Delta flight most likely on her way back to Atlanta or California after performing at the Cincinnati Music Festival Friday night.

In a video that has now gone viral, a white pilot can be seen talking to Tamar as if she was a child and telling her that she must follow all orders given by the stewardess because they more or less come from him.

The senior man told Tamar not to say anything other than yes or no. At the end of the monologue, Tamar seems to be crying as she says out loud she needs to get off this flight.

Many are wondering what happened before the filming began for the pilot to leave the cockpit to come and lecture Tamar.

Tamar’s sister, Towanda, shared the shameful video and said: “@tamarbraxton got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while black on Delta. Wow! I guess being a diamond, and double million miler don’t matter… @delta Shame on you… #WhyArePeopleSoMad #flyingwhileblack #smh.”

One fan responded: “I didn’t know pilots came out to say anything to passengers, like sir why the disrespect? Sir, why aren’t you flying the plane? I don’t care how Tamar may or may not have acted, but at the end of the day, he crossed the line. He’s a salaried paid employee by Delta, and he has to abide by their rules, so what exactly is he saying? This is definitely not cool at all. His approach was definitely outta pocket.”

Another commenter shared: “I don’t know what happened between her and the flight attendant, but it must have been something big enough that the pilot left his cockpit to deal with a customer service issue. I went over multiple scenarios, not just the provoked one. I work in aviation, so I was merely hypothesizing what could’ve possible prompt the pilot to leave the cockpit if that was one of the pilots in the crew on that flight.”

This third person stated: “Wow, @delta!!!! I’m flying back home with y’all in two weeks. I don’t know how comfortable I am after seeing this! Never had any complaint about y’all, and I’m dead sure it’s just the pilot.. but believe me you, if he’s spoken to me like a little child over my ethnicity, I’d get my ass off that plane!!”

A fourth supporter stated: “To my knowledge TamarBraxton only has one father and He wasn’t white. First of all that was very very disrespectful to talk to her in that manner.. she is NOT a child just because the captain doesn’t give him the right to speak to Tamar like that. Nevertheless any passenger. He needs to be Reported.. 2018 and people are still singling out because of the color of your SKIN.. #SMDH!”

What are your thoughts on this shocking incident?

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