Tiny Harris Is Spending Time With Toya Wright And Baby Reign — One Hater Asks — What Is Wrong With Her Legs And Booty?

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Tiny Harris Is Spending Time With Toya Wright And Baby Reign — One Hater Asks — What Is Wrong With Her Legs And Booty?

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Aunty Tiny Harris is spending time with her favorites baby girls. The Xscape diva is bonding with Toya Wright’s daughter, Reign Rushing, and baby Heiress.

T.I.’s wife shared a few sweet pictures where she is spending some quality time with the cute children and Toya in a bakery shop.

No one will be surprised the see that Toya, Reign, and Heiress wore color-coordinated outfits and looked gorgeous as ever.

Tiny explained: “I enjoyed my time with my niece @reign_beaux today. She such a happy, beautiful baby @toyawright.. & this child of mineeeee @heiressdharris something else herself! #Tiny&ToyaPlaydate #HeiressHarris ReignRushing.”

One fan said: “She so cute! She answered you too! I love the way you dress!!! Always got on something cute and comfortable! Love your style! You look so BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors u have on, flows with your skin tone!!! With you lil cute self! Keep slayin boo! Them haters always watching the Queen! LOVE ME SOME TINY!!!!”

A hater told Tiny: “What’s wrong with them legs & that ass?”

Another supporter clapped back: “Dont be talking bout too far, and you commented about her legs and ass under a post of her and a beautiful baby. Like, come tf on That’s reallllyyy the first thing came to your simple mind? When have you seen this post? Every post @majorgirl make all of you of you to say something about it though, like damn.. she gets it, I’m sure!!! All of you worried about her body more than she is and that is sad. Period. Bullying is never tf ok!!”

A fourth person explained: “YESSSS. I love her personality. Your ass looking like a booger bear you the last person to be trying to put somebody down really loving that hair color on you Tiny!!!!people need to worry about themselves, their own lives..always being so negative. Say what you want bout her, she’s a boss, a great mother, and a great wife..that stands out way more than her body ever could! PERIODDDTT!! Worry bout these botched body hoes who ain’t got shit going in life..that’s wtf she needs to do. Instead of coming for Tiny.”

Heiress and Reign are rising stars.

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