Toluwalope Oluwafemi Is A Year Older.

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Happy Earth Strong To A Damsel; Toluwalope Oluwafemi.


The price of the most precious stone on earth cannot be compared to what your beautiful smile has to offer, We hope you have a birthday celebration that is as beautiful as your soul. On your Big Day, We pray that good fortune will accompany you until the end of time. 
Every one of your birthdays is a gift to the rest of us who have had the pleasure of having you in our lives for another year. Every one of your birthdays brings joyful memories of your bright smile and your love of life. Every one of your birthdays reminds us of your sensitivity and service to others, and other delights too numerous to name that we are gifted with just by knowing you. Happy Birthday to you Toluwalope Iwalewa Oluwafemi
Wishing you long life and prosperity.

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