Wake Up Africans.

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Article by Opeyemi Sanni. “Wake Up Africans”.

Here i come again.
With my heart touching message.
I can’t but talk about this.
It has been a thorn in my flesh for ages.
With full alacrity i prepared myself to hit my fellow Africans with the blow of truthful words.
It always sounds bitter but the truth it is for real.
Highly exasperating and infuriating it is, the condition of our continent Africa.
The persistence inflation of commodities without any reasonable explication is very despairing and has left every African downcasted and pessimistic.
The vulgarity of our so elected leaders is beyond logical and practical thinking.
I see them as been laborious and highly sentimental.
Starvation has became the order of the day.
Producers increase price of commodities with paroxysm, forgetting the fact that all accumulated wealth will be left behind the day they kick the bucket.
Power turns out be a catalyst to induce intimidation and pure oppression.
The mouth that we feed with our own very hands masticate our fingers in return.
And here we are consoling our pained heart with a silly saying “THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN”
Wake up from your slumber Africans.
The beautiful ones have been given birth to and made very ugly by this apoplexing society.
Their inner beauty has been fueled with the vexatious influence of the ugly ones rendering them dirty, dusty and even very dusky.
I put it to you my fellow Africans, there is no elucidation to a better Africa from this flagrant leaders.
Let this message hit your skull like the blow of the great boxer “Michel Tyson”.
Let it get your heart pondering, and make you realize that the only explication out of this condition is to expect less or nothing from this vulgar leaders and do more for ourselves.
Let them not use us as a weapon for the destruction of the future of our generation and more generations to come.
Let us change their change with our own positive and creative thinking.


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