Wizkid And Tiwa In Fever Video. “My View”

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Wizkid And Tiwa In Fever Video. “My View”

The video is one of the best music videos I have watched in years. No or little wonder it has gone head to head with “come closer” Video as the first video by any Nigerian artist to reach 1 million views under 24 hours. 

There has been lot of disrespectful comment about the video regarding Tiwa Salvage, but I guess those kind of comments are only rendered by envious people. They claimed she has no respect left for her baby father which I don’t think is true because what she did in the video was professional, it is her job and she is doing it with passion and flair. But in a society of ours where using panadol for another person’s headache is the other of the day, there is nothing you wouldn’t expect to hear. 

Some said she is shameless for following Wizkid because she is older than him. Such people are rather senseless because relationships are never built on age bases but on happiness and understanding, if she is truly dating Wizkid as proclaimed  and they are both happy and understand themselves then it’s never a wrong thing to do. She is no longer with Tee Billz and it’s never a crime to move on in life. 

So my fellow Nigerians let’s grow up and think about ourselves, stop putting another person’s problem to heart like your life depends on it. 

Keep winning Wizkid, keep winning Tiwa Savage. I love you guys to the moon and beyond. 


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